• About Us
    Our philosophy is that fitness is not about getting in shape to look good but to improve the way we live. Our work over the years and continuous education on the latest research have led us to believe that getting fit is about exercising accordingly to how your body functions and eating fittingly to your biochemical and genetic make-up. Not only are our training programs customized to you, we follow consistent protocol in our training approach to optimize performance and results as we have science behind everything we do. This is one of the few things that differentiate us to other gyms. It is important to know that we do not follow bodybuilding workouts like many commercial gyms nor do we use machine-based exercises. We use functional training methods to develop innovative, motivating programs which include strength, power, endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance. AFP Center in Santa Monica, California provides an atmosphere that promotes active, healthy lifestyles for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. We are proud to serve you with state-of-the-art equipment, a professional and caring staff, and innovative, motivating programs designed to help you incorporate the joy of fitness into your life. Our coaches are here to guide you through every aspect of what is needed for you to achieve your goals. We believe in training you like any professional athlete does in our unique sport facility. We have the latest functional fitness equipments and “state of the art” free weights such as Olympic Bars and Bumper Plates. Unlike commercial gyms, our personal training programs are unique to each person and fun but very effective as we have science behind everything we do. As a member of AFP, you will enjoy the finest strength and conditioning training, including extensive assessments perform periodically and nutrition program designed specifically for you. Best of all there is no music blasting and the dropping of weights is encouraged (when appropriate).
  • Contact Us
    Athletic Functional Performance Center
1643 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
+1 (310) 399-1517
afpdesk@afpcenter.com Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 6 am to 9 pm
Saturday 8 am to 4 pm
Sunday closed *Some public holidays may be closed or limited hours and will be posted ahead of time.
  • Our Facility
    AFP Center is a high-ceiling, limited membership fitness gym with a 30-meter indoor track located in Santa Monica. We also provide private to semi-private coaching to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. We use functional training exercises to develop the finest strength and conditioning programs. We have all types of clients from working moms, youth athletes, corporate executives, retired individuals, celebrities to professional and olympian athletes. Our strength and conditioning programs are customized to each individual. We are proud to serve you with all of the state-of-the-art functional equipment n 4 Olympic size Platforms with full Power Rack
n Elite Power Rack
n Official ZKC competition and training Olympic Barbells (Official Barbell of the 2008 Beijing Olympics)
n 1 x Male (20kg) Competition Olympic Barbell
n 1 x Male (20kg) Training Olympic Barbell
n 1 x Female (15kg) Competition Olympic Barbell
n 1 x Female (15kg) Training Olympic Barbell
n Ivanko (20kg) Olympic Barbell
n Ivanko Bumper Plates 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg
n Standard (20kg) Olympic Barbells
n Complete set of Olympic bumper plates
n Adjustable Olympic Barbell Stand
n Dumbbells 1kg-60kg (2lbs-135lbs)
n Glute-Ham Raise Machine
n Adjustable Cable Crossover System
n Keiser Functional Trainer
n Roman Chair Sissy Squat
n Competition Kettlebells
n Clubbells
n Indoor Track (30 meter long, 3 lanes)
n Sled (large and small)
n Farmers Walk Bars
n Strongman Log
n Strong man gear including large tires and sledge hammers
n Slide Board
n Indian Clubs
n Jungle gym rings
n Spin bike
n Lots of plyometric tools (ie. High Hurdles, Low Hurdles, Ladders, Cones, Boxes, Steps)
n Resistance strength bands (multiple strengths and lengths)
n Cook correction bands
n Mini bands
n FatGripz
n Reebok core boards
n Ab wheels
n Infrared sauna
n Mixed martial arts training area and equipment including heavy bags, kick pads, focus gloves, etc.
n Ropes (3 Battling ropes: medium and large)
n Portable variable resistance exerciser by Exer-genie
  • Our Team
    • Alicia Fong - CEO
      Alicia, as an international strength & conditioning coach, has had the opportunity to work with professional and Olympic athletes around the world through to
performance enhancement for kids and young athletes in a number of sports including Olympic level swimming, National level sailing, Semi-Pro level soccer and many College level sports. Alicia now owns and manages AFP Center. She opened AFP Center in October of 2008. The facility provides an atmosphere that promotes active, healthy lifestyles for all individuals of all ages and fitness levels, from office workers/homeowners to professional athletes. The facility carries all state-of-the-art functional equipment which no commercial gym in the nearby area has. She continues to coach not only individuals privately or semi-privately, but she provides corrective exercises and rehab to individuals, provides education to personal trainers, and coaches around the world.
    • Peter Rouse - Advisory Board Director
      Peter, with a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, a M.Sc in Biochemistry and Genetics. Peter has also obtained speciality training in manual therapy and rehabilitation including NeuroMuscular Therapy,
NeuroSomatic Therapy, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, NeuralReflex, PRRT, Musculoskeletal Alignment Technique, Posturology, and many other modalities. With over 20 years experience, Peter has worked with a vast array of clients ranging from Olympic Athletes, professional athletes, through to working with many in the film industry. Peter has developed a system of training that is exclusively used at AFP Center with all their clients that looks at individualizing the training program to the needs of the individual with empathizing injury prevention while optimizing performance. Peter has become well known as a specialist in rehabilitation therapy and corrective exercise. He has encompassed his extensive training in manual therapy and physiology along with years of hands on experience to develop an unique approach to rehabilitation. Having worked with many patients that have gone through many traditional medical routes without success only to find success within a very short time and often finding that they obtain better health and performance then they had previously. Peter has also developed an integrative model of functional nutritional therapy with focus on health and wellness extension. Using a combination of clinical laboratory and extensive in-house examinations, Peter is able to discover the root cause of the problem and then treat the cause with an integrate approach.
    • Arleem Diaz - General Manager
      Arleem has a degree in Biology and Exercise Science and currently working on her Masters in Kinesiology. She is currently interested in cardiac rehabilitation and personal training. Her interests lie in overall health and wellness. She likes to stay busy and active. If she is not working out at AFP Center, she may be practicing Capoeira in Culver City or running and hiking around the city and mountains. She enjoys working with people and has had great opportunities working in customer service for profit and non-profit gym facilities. She also interned at Tufts Medical Center as an EKG technician and has also been able to learn a lot about health/wellness/fitness from Peter Rouse and Alicia Fong.
    • John Hazard - Physical Preparation Coach
      Jon, as our strength and conditioning coach, believes in continuing education in order to provide the best coaching to all of his clients. He attended KSI University founded by Ian King, one of the top coaches in the world, and graduated as Level 6 Coach. This means Jon is athlete focused and knows the physical preparation to produce Olympic athletes. With 15 years of training experience, he has become an expert in athletic training, program design, body fat loss and body shaping. Jon has a passion for sports. He played many different sports growing up and continues to be active. He is a tri-athlete and loves to surf, snowboard and practice martial arts. In fact, he won Filipino Stick Fighting competition and Karate Tournament. On top of being an athlete, Jon has a great physique as well. He is one of the winners of Overall Bodybuilding competition. To reach Jon, you may contact him through the gym or directly at (858) 386-9311.
  • Membership
    Unlike most other gyms and fitness facilities we post our prices online. There are no hidden costs or initiation fee. We will never charge an “initiation fee” We also have a limited number of memberships available to ensure that you will never have to deal with peak hour crowds. We have three regular and simple membership packages and one student summer special membership. n Package 1: $120 per month for a 1-year contract* n Package 2: $200 per month, pay as you go (no contract) n Package 3: $1200 12 months prepaid (a discount of $240) n Package 4: $360 for 3 months prepaid Student Summer Special** * Use 8 Personal Training sessions with one of our coaches in any month during the membership contract and you will get a complimentary month of membership added to the end of the 1-year contract. ** Conditions apply One-Day Pass If you are visiting Santa Monica or just looking to get a workout in we have a one-day pass available for $25. Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 6 am to 9 pm
Saturday 8 am to 4 pm
Sunday closed *Some public holidays may be closed or limited hours and will be posted ahead of time. To inquire about Personal Training rates or additional information, please contact us at +1 (310) 399-1517
  • Olympic Weightlifting
    AFP Center is fully equipped for Olympic Weightlifting and has trained staff on hand for coaching or advice. We have both male and female Olympic barbells as well as Competition and Training Bars. A question we often get from members is what is the difference between competition and training barbells? Training bars and competition bars from high quality brands like ZKC are nearly identical, and usually come off of the same production lines, its just that the competition bars are tested and certified to be with the exact (and very tight) tolerances of the IWF. We currently have the follow equipment: n Elite Power Rack
n 4 Olympic size Platforms with full rack to do Olympic Lifting
n Official ZKC competition and training Olympic Barbells (Official Barbell of the 2008 Beijing Olympics)
n 1 x Male (20kg) Competition Olympic BarbellInternational_Weightlifting_Federation
n 1 x Male (20kg) Training Olympic Barbell
n 1 x Female (15kg) Competition Olympic Barbell
n 1 x Female (15kg) Training Olympic Barbell
n Ivanko (20kg) Olympic Barbell
n Ivanko Bumper Plates 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg
n Complete set of Olympic bumper plates
n Barbell Lift (For easy change of plates)
n Adjustable Olympic Barbell Stand The Zhangkong barbell is manufactured with the highest quality guaranteed. Please review to the specifications below: Mens Competition Bar Specifications grip diameter 28mm±0.03mm
weight 20Kg﹢20g-10g
length 2200mm±1mm
sleeves 50mm-0.04mm
max.load: 387.8kg Womens Competition Bar Specifications Grip 25mm±0.03mm
weight 15Kg﹢15g-7.5g
Length 2010mm±1mm
sleeves 50mm-0.04mm, max
load: 258KG
  • Services
    Physical Preparation / Personal Trainer Real World Functional Training improves all functions of the body. It is about training body movement patterns which has a high carryover to real life, whether it is in the workplace or playing sport, rather than training on isolated muscles. Our facility has the latest and state-of-the-art functional equipments which allow us to develop strength and conditioning programs not seen in most gyms or replicated on machines found in commercial gyms. Each individual is unique in the way he or she moves and functions. What is functional for one individual may not be functional for you due to your goals. Therefore, the strength and conditioning program must be customized especially for you and accordingly to the way your body functions to optimize performance and get results faster. Sessions will involve corrective exercises to correct any muscle imbalances, postural distortions or any other problems that are found during the comprehensive assessment. You will be surprised how much you can learn about your body after this assessment which consists of the following: n Postural Assessment
n NeuroReflex Assessment
n Muscle Length Tension Assessment
n Gait Assessment
n Movement Patterns Assessment
n Orthopedic Assessment Everybody needs functional training because it improves balance, speed, strength, and power. This program is best for anybody who likes the one-on-one coaching relationship. Whether your goal is from getting in shape, losing weight, gaining muscles mass to running a marathon, we design customized strength and conditioning programs based on functional training to reach your goals faster. This program is also great for someone who is looking for something new unlike the conventional gym’s program, and/or want to train like an athlete without being a professional one.